Creating your Company Name


Your company’s name is the biggest part of starting up your small business. The descriptive words you choose for your company will be looked at and judged by all of your customers and friends.

It becomes the foundation to where you will build your entire company brand.

I spent some time tinkering over different name choices I could use for my company and one day it all came together at an unexpected place.

My friend and I walked into a Tim Horton’s coffee shop early in the morning, before a regular day at work. As I walked in, I saw a table of painters staring at my over sprayed pants and painted boots. I guess I felt put on the spot, so I looked up and said, “ Brothers of the Brush”.  My buddy laughed, turned to me and said, “ Hey, there’s your new company name you’ve been looking for!”

Now that I found the right name, the next step was to have it approved by the British Columbia Government. There’s a few specific requirements you should know before applying to have your company name approved:


  • The name should describe your business/what you do.
  • Your name must have something unique to make it different from other names.
  • Keep the name as short as possible so it’s easier to fit into your branding material.
  • Think of three different names in case the one you want has already been taken.
  • The name has to have three different parts for approval (see info graph below).
  • Register for the email address with the name you like and see if it’s available.



I secured the email address for Brotherofthebrush before I had the name approved. Don’t just use your personal email.  Create one specifically for your company.

The address will be used when you’re communicating back and forth with your customers, written on your business cards, social media pages, invoices, and estimates. If it’s not available, google (for example) will give you several different options you could use for a Gmail account. If you already have a name your thinking of, see if it’s still available here.

A few days later I registered my painting business as Brother of the Brush Painting Co. and secured the name so nobody else could claim it. Remember,  If it’s not registered- it’s not yours.

I remember that exact morning I woke up, opened up my email, and saw my new company name approved by the B.C. Government. I felt so proud of myself for actually starting my own company.

For some weird reason, just owning your business name makes you feel empowered. It gives you confidence that you can do whatever you want to do! 

When you find that catchy name that would best fit your trade and represent your company, grab it before someone else does and get it registered. Once you have your name approved, it’s up to you when you want to start up your small business.

If you need help with your name registration and name approval, Trade Trackers has an easy step by step form where you fill in your information, and we register it for you. You can watch the video on how we can help or simply get you registered.




Good luck with your business everybody!

Mike and the Trade Trackers Crew