Paper’s Dead…Go Digital

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Believe it or not, the paper business card has started a slow death and digital is awakening. What kind of card you choose for your new construction company could make or break your business.

Everyone is happy to take your card when you offer it. It’s going to be your first marketing weapon to your customer.  So let’s jazz it right up and make your first impression memorable with a slick looking card.

There are two different styles you can create:  Traditional paper card or a modern digital business card.

Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards allow you to get right on into your customer’s mobile contact list. They act like mini websites. They’re a cheap, interactive marketing tool that will impress your customer with a quality presentation of your business and satisfy the environment by saving paper.

Inigo Cards

This is a great App for Android or IOS download. Start with their free version and design your card with your company brand. Drop in all your company details, images from your mobile library and add all your social media networks. You can even check out the analytics and see when you sent your card and when the customer viewed it. Download the App here or watch Inigo’s explainer video.

So the one problem that I faced (and you might too) is actually asking the potential customer for their phone number. It’s a digital card, so you need the customer’s mobile number. For some reason, we sometimes shy off and think we’re not good enough or worthy. Well here’s my approach to giving out my card to a customer. It’s pretty simple.

Me: Can I give you my business card so you have my contact info in case you need my services?

Customer: Sure, that would be great.

Me: My card is actually digital. Can I text it to you?

Customer: Sure, my number is 555 555 5555

Me: Perfect, I’ll send it to you right away!

Now you can send your custom business card off to your customer and blow their socks off with a unique digital card that they can save on their mobile and share it with their friends as well.

Traditional Card


Traditional Paper

Although digital cards are becoming a hit, you can still be really creative and smash out an awesome paper card using these different types of materials and finishes. Since “feeling” is the first sensation your customer gets from your card, design your card so they feel the difference in your card.

Matt finish
Matt finish is a classic silky smooth finish that’s always in fashion. The matt coating is made from a strong cello glaze coating that actually filters the light and reflects the colors of the card to slightly change the contrast.

Gloss finish
If you’re going to have some pictures or maybe your logo put on your card, a gloss finish will make the images pop out and look more polished.

Textured finish
Textured and embroiled cards will leave a lasting impression in the customer’s fingers. Adding some texture to your logo on your card will illuminate your company brand.

Plastic finish
Another option would be to scrap the old paper cards and get a durable, waterproof, plastic card. They won’t rip, fold, bend and won’t break down if they get wet. I guess they would be perfect for a Plumber or for Tradesmen that work outside.

Okay, so let’s take these ideas and get a card made up. Download our free guide to discover the world of enterprises that will help you get your cards made up and ready for print. Still need help with starting up your company? No problem, we can help you out there as well.


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Happy designing!


Mike and the Trade Trackers Crew