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Design a Smashing Logo

You’ve decided to start your own business and now you need a smashing logo design to stand out from the crowd.

Before you start creating your logo, make sure the company name you’ve chosen hasn’t been taken by another company.  First get it approved by the B.C. Government.

If you need help getting that started, Trade Trackers can help. Watch how fast you can be approved in this quick video

Start Your Design

Ok, You’re ready to design a hot looking logo that will blow the pants off the competitors. Customers will remember your construction business with a standout design.

If your artsy fartsy and have time, check out a program trade Trackers uses for most of our designs called Canva This popular website will help you create awesome marketing material for your company on a startup budget.  We use it, love it, and totally recommend it to new startups that need a simple program to create beautiful work.

Alternatively, you can send it off to a designer who can whip up killer graphics in a snap.

So if you’re not great in the creativity department and/or don’t have a lot of spare time,  send it off to a designer who will take your inspiration and build your logo for you.

We made a short ebook that will get you inspired, take you to your logo designers, and just get it done.

Get it here for free.

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Before you start,  jot down a few ideas about the vision of your design. This  the designer  (or you) can take all your information and ideas and put all the pieces together.

Design the Right Size and Shape

First off, let’s think about the size of the logo. This part is important for all of your future branding. The artwork you create needs to fit your company advertising and marketing material.

Heck, it’s going to be plastered on your invoices and estimate sheets, social media pages, incorporated in your website design, and eventually even on your company t-shirts.

Consider the length, shape, and wording you want before you design it.

We looked at the major local brands for inspiration like Starbucks, Air Canada, Volkswagen, BMW, and Tim Hortons. All of these businesses have circular or oval logos and deliver a timeless, simple and memorable look.

Have a look at our collection of logos for more inspiration on our Pinterest page to help you with your logo creation.  

In our first design for our logo, we started off with the symbol of the hammer, followed by the Trade Trackers’ name.

Photo 2012-03-26 6 11 20 PMWith long wording, we realized we needed the logo more together and not so spread out. So we had it designed into a rounded shape which fits much better on our marketing and advertising material like our Twitter Page. 

Choose the Right Colours

Colour is a bit of a tricky decision. In construction, there are certain colours that are well known and easy to work into your design.

Here is the new shaped Trade Trackers logo with some implemented construction colors, and a list of what the color code is typically used for.


  • Yellow – Workers / Contractors
  • Blue – Maintenance (Welder/ fitter/electrician
  • White – Visitors / Management


Add Some Texture

After your logo is created, there’s still a step that can set you apart from the traditional flat design.

Add some texture to your logo like our metal logo above or stainless steel effects to keep it looking modern and more appealing to other tradesmen (below).logo blog (1)Okay, so now you should have a hot looking logo or at least some great ideas on how to create one.

Remember to follow these guidelines while designing the logo.

If you still need help, download the free ” Branding  Your Business “ ebook to jump-start your business and get all your logos and marketing material ready for your company launch.

Download your free “Branding Your Business” Ebook here.

Good luck with your business everybody!

The Trade Trackers Crew