Finding Work From B.C. Property Managers

If you have a small business or are thinking about starting a company, you need to know where to find constant work to keep yourself busy throughout the year in B.C.  Just like restoration companies, Property Management companies can also give you tons of work on a regular basis.

Finding Work Through Property Managers

People that work for property managers are individually assigned buildings to be maintained, therefore, look for small companies like yours to help with the maintenance.

A good example would be a rental unit in a building. The tenant has just moved out and there are a few things that need to be fixed before the new tenant moves in.

Things like:

1. Fixing the running toilet and replacing the leaking taps

2. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls

3. Fixing the front door lock

The property management company looking after that building is responsible for having the unit fixed and ready for the new tenant. In this case, they would have two options to hand out the work:

  1. They could hire each trade individually to do the work
  2. They could hire a company to come in and do all the work

Whether you have a small crew to do all the work or are just going solo and starting out by yourself, there’s still plenty of work to be found with property managers.

For repeat business, just remember to always do your best work, show up early in clean work wear, be courteous and polite to customers and other tradesmen, and always leave a clean job site.

Below you can find several different property management companies in every city or small town throughout British Columbia.

Property management blog

Your Introduction Letter

When running my small business, I wrote a cover letter about our company and our services we provided. I sent it off to each company in the lower mainland.

If you can, try and direct your email directly to the property manager. Make it more personal so they actually return your email or call you to discuss future work.

Remember, your goal here is to build a relationship with one or two managers, so they will give you the work when they need help with their buildings.

Here’s a copy of a letter I wrote:

Good Afternoon Property Managers and Stratas,
My name is Mike Campbell. I am the owner of Brother of the Brush Painting Company. 

Our company has recently moved from downtown Vancouver to South Surrey and are now eager to find work out this way. Our company has generated allot of residential (many references available) and commercial repeat business (Blenz Coffee, Rogers Chocolates) from our happy clients. Our services are not limited to painting as we specialize in small drywall repair, ceiling texture, taping etc.. in both residential and commercial projects. We have a very qualified, skilled, tight reliable crew. We have ample experience in restoration work.

 What can we do for you?
We would like the opportunity to take care of the general maintenance of your buildings.  Some of our services include but are not limited to:
– Pressure washing
– Repainting parking lines/signs etc…
– Exterior painting
– General painting (including spraying)
– Quick repaints
– Small drywall repairs including ceiling texturing
– Baseboards and cove base installation
– All small framing work
Please see us on YouTube (click on the link below) to view only a sample of before and after projects that we have done over the last year. 
Our Website is:
   (we are currently updating our before and after pictures)

We would like to meet with you to discuss how our company may be of benefit to you. We are available to meet with you, at your convenience, anytime next week. 

References are available upon request.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Shortly after we I sent those letters off we found a company that hired our crew to do weekly maintenance in a high-end, high-rise downtown. Our job consisted of painting over marked up walls and doors from heavy traffic. The building was big enough that it gave us a full day of maintenance work every week.

Getting Registered

Now you know where and how to find work, it’s important to make sure you have a registered company with a business number and proper insurance, or you’ll never be hired.

Registration add


Good luck with your business everybody!

Mike and the Trade Trackers crew.