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Did you know you don’t have to go to school to be successful in the Trades? You can start your own company, hire employees, and build a profitable business with little or no education.

Having said that, going to a good trade school like BCIT or Camoson College can start you on the right foot and help you dramatically in the future.

You won’t have the same problems as other people that just jump into a small business and try to make the best of it. It’s also way easier when you already have the right answers to any problems or situations that occur on the job site.

When I was working in the trades there were several times during the project where a dispute or conflict would arise about how the work should be done.

book skyscrapperThe Lesson

I remember on one particular dispute while working at the chemical lab at the University of Victoria (UVIC).  It was a brand new building that was under construction, and almost every trade was in the building working.

I was working as a painter’s helper doing almost everything like washing the dust off the new concrete, sanding down hallway walls and masking off doors to be sprayed.

I overheard a group of sparkies (electricians) and carpenters that were loudly discussing who should be doing the work first in this small room that just had some equipment installed.

It seemed like everyone had their own opinion but nobody was agreeing with each other. They would just put in their two cents on how they think the project should be tackled and who should start first.As the debate continued, I saw my foreman walk up and jumped into the conversation.

With his knowledge as a ticketed tradesman, he quickly explained that it’s the painters who have to prime the pipes first before any work is done in there.

Then he calmly explained the whole process and why it’s done this way.

Everyone just stood there listening as if they were at school being taught a lesson by their teacher. Then they all nodded in acceptance and went on their way back to work.

This was a great example why going to school and getting your ticket will help you out in the future on any job your working on. The person with the ticket has been well educated and doesn’t have to guess about situations that occur onsite. Instead, they are put in charge and usually make the final decisions.

Schools give you all the knowledge of your trade and help you perform your work with confidence by having a solid understanding of the work procedures and the performance of the task at hand.It’s not mandatory in British Columbia but it’s something every tradesman who wants to be the best at what they’re doing should consider.

Find Your School

If your working in the trades right now you can still go to school part-time and obtain a ticket in your trade. Trade Training BC. website will help you narrow down the schools that hold part-time courses in your area.

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If you still want to start a small business and secure a name, we can start that for you here with our easy step by step system.

Watch the intro video and see how we can help you get your small business started.

Remember..When there’s a dispute on the job site, it’s usually the ticketed tradesperson who has the final word and has authority over anyone else.


Good luck with your business everybody!

Mike and the Trade Trackers Crew